Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kate McGarrigle & clear cell sarcoma

Tomorrow, in New York City, an informal gathering will celebrate Kate McGarrigle, who died last week. At the same link, an obituary describes her: "Outrageous at times, but anything was more fun when Kate was along." The New York Times also recalled her life.

I was at a board retreat for the Sarcoma Alliance last week when she died, after struggling for 3½ years with clear-cell sarcoma. Here is a definition from SARC:
Clear cell sarcoma (melanoma of soft parts) is an unusual hybrid tumor that appears to be biologically related to alveolar soft part sarcoma. It is one of the rare tumors with features of both sarcoma and melanoma, including the ability to travel to lymph nodes (typical of melanoma) and to lung (more common for sarcomas). Surgery and radiation of the primary tumor site provide the best chance for cure.
-- Suzie