Saturday, December 1, 2012

Facebook page to provide daily news

By Suzie Siegel

I've started following the news on sarcoma every day, posting to our second Facebook page and Twitter.

The Alliance created the page in April, and we asked our friends to "like" it, but we've just now put it on the front page of our website so that people won't have to find it by accident.

Our original Facebook page has become a place for people to exchange information, advice and support. It's popular, but news can get lost among the conversations.

Online support groups often attract people who are newly diagnosed or have ongoing health problems. Some people can't handle the sad posts and they drift away. Other readers just want the facts. Our new Facebook page will let them keep up with what's going on.

Be sure to look at the timeline because I've backdated posts to display older news that's still relevant.

The mainstream media often make mistakes when doing stories on sarcoma. What gets published in journals or by institutions doesn't always add much to our knowledge, or the writing is so technical that few patients can understand it. I hope my experience as a newspaper reporter and editor will help me choose news that's really new and put it in everyday words.