Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We got the 'hell' out!

          Some of you love our green T-shirts that ask: “What the hell is a sarcoma?” on the front, with the answer on the back. But others didn’t like the use of “hell.”
          We’ve now designed a white shirt, with yellow and green lettering, that simply has our 10-year anniversary logo on the front. The back reads: “Sarcoma is a rare and aggressive cancer that strikes over ten thousand Americans every year. Early diagnosis and proper treatment are crucial to survival. The Sarcoma Alliance provides immediate education, guidance and support at www.sarcomaalliance.org for those in need.”
         We’ve also added a small size. (Our green ones are in M-XL.)
         If you want to order a T-shirt, click here. Your donation goes to help fund our programs. But our T-shirts do more than raise money; they also raise awareness. I wish I had known something about sarcoma when I was diagnosed in 2002.
         You might think that people are so familiar with the Internet these days that they find resources right away. But I remember how overwhelming it was when I was diagnosed even though I was accustomed to researching. I talk to people all the time who didn’t know that they could connect easily with others with sarcoma.
        I’ve decided to run photos of Sarcoma Alliance supporters in their T-shirts, in hopes that will encourage others to get the word out.
        Modeling our new shirt is Zita Rarastesa of Solo, Indonesia, who is working on her doctorate in English in Tampa, Florida. Sporting our old shirt is Mary Hestand, who works at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Yes, she really is buried in the sand on South Padre Island, Texas.
        -- Suzie Siegel

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renny silfia said...

Nice picture, nice t-shirt, and of course nice mission.