Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brooklyn event raises awareness about sarcoma and money for the Sarcoma Alliance by Arthur Beckert, executive director

Christina Moore contacted me two years ago, when she was competing for Miss Brooklyn. She wanted to use that forum to help everyone affected by sarcoma. Her aunt, Josephine Schiavo, had successfully battled malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) and has been an inspiration, not only to Christina, but to her family and friends. (Josephine and Christina are in the photo on the left.)

Later, I received a phone call that she came in third but with a spirit not diminished, she still hoped to help us in the future. This year, she entered the contest again, and I received an excited call that she had won!

I detect a strong family trait in Christina and Josephine: positive attitude, never give up, and don’t look back.

On Feb. 12, I attended Cupid’s Cure, the first of a number of events Christina has planned for 2011 to raise awareness about sarcoma and celebrate Josephine’s spirit. The event in Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of New York City, brought together more than 200 people to honor Josephine and support the Sarcoma Alliance. It was a wonderful scene: Tables decorated with red and pink balloons, eight sunflowers (one for each person at the table), a table with beautifully presented raffle items, and a great dance floor and DJ.

Christina warmly welcomed everyone and thanked the many people who helped put together the evening. Josephine followed with a moving account of her diagnosis and treatment and the endless love and support she received from her family and friends. The evening continued with a lovely dinner, dancing and raffle. Prizes ranged from event tickets to jewelry, and an iPad. At the end, everyone left, having had a fun time and experiencing the love, warmth and affection from a community committed to helping and supporting one another. On behalf of the Sarcoma Alliance and all we help, thank you, Christina and Josephine.

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