Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miss Brooklyn is at It Again

Christina Moore, the reigning Miss Brooklyn and contestant for the upcoming Miss New York pageant, organized an amazing dance program and fundraiser benefiting the Sarcoma Alliance and the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization on May 7. The event was a rousing success, featuring performances by more than 30 dancers and dance organizations and packing the auditorium.

Combining her love of dance with her desire to raise sarcoma awareness, Christina developed Performers with a Purpose: Bringing Sarcoma Awareness Center Stage, a unique program she implemented in three Brooklyn public schools. Christina taught dance clinics and spread the joy of the arts to as many students as possible, culminating in the May 7 fundraiser, which featured her prized pupils as well as amateur and professional dancers, including dancers from the Alvin Ailey Dance Studio.

Earlier, Christina organized the “Cupid’s Cure” Valentine’s Day benefit dinner, honoring her aunt, the equally energetic Josephine Schiavo, diagnosed with sarcoma in 2007 and going strong as the guest of honor. Coming up on June 4, Christina will host another fundraiser at Adventurer’s Park Family Entertainment Center in Brooklyn. For more details, visit the Sarcoma Alliance events page.

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