Monday, June 13, 2011

Attention: Sarcoma Patients Needed for Study

The Sarcoma Alliance is providing this information as a service to the sarcoma community. Each person should make his or her own decision about participation.

Synovate Healthcare, a leader in global market research, is conducting a study on soft tissue sarcoma (STS). We would like to invite individuals diagnosed with STS to contact us for possible participation in this study.

Study Purpose: This research is being undertaken to shed more light on the journey of individuals with this condition and understand some of the challenges tied to the availability of support for both patients and caregivers. Your input will enable our client to provide helpful tools to assist new sarcoma patients as they go through the process of diagnosis and treatment. No attempts will be made to sell anything to you. This is for educational purposes only so that others may have an improved experience upon diagnosis.

Recruitment: All interested persons who are diagnosed with STS are invited to call Jody at Schlesinger Associates, 1-866-861-0395 x229. She will help to determine the feasibility of your participation

Participation: Study participation involves completion of a brief written description of your journey from diagnosis to present by using stories, pictures, or other means. After completion of this exercise, you will be asked to participate in a 75-minute phone discussion in which you will be encouraged to share your story. All aspects of the study are completed in the comfort of your own home with all expenses paid. Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Only your first name will be used during the phone discussion.

Incentive: Synovate is offering a generous token of appreciation in exchange for your participation on this study. This will be paid out after full participation on the study has been completed

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