Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sarcoma Alliance and 23 and Me

Recently the Sarcoma Alliance participated in a Sarcoma Community Night organized by 23 and Me. 23 and Me is trying to recruit 1,000 people affected by sarcoma in a genetic research study. Individuals only need to provide a little spit for genetic analysis. The hope that some genetic similarity can be found that will give researchers better insight into the diagnosis and treatment for all sarcomas. So far over 500 people are participating.

Participants on the panel in the community night were Kristen Ganjoo, MD a Stanford oncologist, Eric Nakakura, MD, a UCSF oncology surgeon, Natalie Criou a sarcoma survivor and founder of Beat Sarcoma ( ) and Arthur Beckert, Executive Director of the Sarcoma Alliance. As always the best part of the evening was hearing patient stories and the discussions among patients and the panel.

To see 23 and Me’s blog on this evening visit:

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