Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catalina Classic coming Aug. 28

The Ocean of Hope helps keep the Sarcoma Alliance afloat.

"It has been an amazing road from when O2H started in 1999 with only one paddler … and a vision," says Mike Rogers, who will compete for O2H on Aug. 28 in the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathon, finishing on Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles County.

O2H members hope to raise $50,000 this year, bringing the 12-year total to $600,000. Just as important is awareness. The National Cancer Institute recognizes that sarcoma is “frequently misdiagnosed and highly underreported.” Patients -- and their health-care providers -- may not know all the treatment options or that nonprofits can help.

For the Catalina Classic, Rogers will join teammates Steve Shikiya, Joel Pepper, Philip Ambrose, Mark Schulein and O2H co-captain Fred Sardisco. Afterward, the team will raffle off a standup paddleboard donated by Joe Bark, with all proceeds going to the Sarcoma Alliance.

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-- Suzie Siegel

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