Wednesday, October 19, 2011

23 and Me’s Sarcoma Research Continues

One of the 23 and Me scientists has been analyzing sarcoma data with the help of Drs. George Demetri and Bob Maki. Thus far, there are no specific regions that may be considered uncontroversially “genome-wide significant,” but a number of interesting regions appear to have suggestive associations and may become genome-wide significant with additional data. Because of the promising nature of their analysis, they are still interested in having more genetic material to analyze. A simple saliva sample is all that is needed. More people = more power for the research.

While they are still recruiting people with any sarcoma diagnosis into the community, they are particularly interested in increasing participation from individuals with the following subtypes:

· leiomyosarcoma

· uterine leiomyosarcoma

· osteosarcoma

· chrondrosarcoma

· liposarcoma

· endometrial stromal sarcoma

· fibrosarcoma

· synovial sarcoma

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