Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Alison Olig, Executive Director

Sarcoma Alliance has announced the selection of Alison Olig to the position of Executive Director. Prior to accepting her new position with the non-profit organization, Ms. Olig had served on the Board of Directors and was a member of the Executive Committee.  Arthur Beckert, Executive Director for the past ten years, is assisting with the transition leading up to his retirement in January, 2014.

"After an extensive search involving candidates from around the country, we couldn't be more pleased to have Alison on board as Executive Director. She has already made a tremendous impact as a Sarcoma Alliance board member and we are confident she will bring the same energy, intelligence and compassion to her new role as Executive Director," said James Johnston, President of the Alliance.

Ms. Olig herself was diagnosed with sarcoma at the age of thirteen.  "Through my experience with sarcoma, I developed a deep understanding of the physical, mental and social ramifications of the disease and its treatment, both to patients and caregivers," said Ms. Olig.

Sarcoma Alliance is the only national organization with the sole mission of providing information, guidance, and support for people affected by sarcoma - a set of rare connective tissue cancers. The Alliance also offers grants for patients seeking second medical opinions. 

For more information about Sarcoma Alliance, please visit sarcomaalliance.org or call 415.381.7236

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Congratulations Alison.